SevenHats Bundles

List of developed bundles.

Bundle Description Comments
org.sevenhats.util Utility services  
org.sevenhats.launch Run configuration  
org.sevenhats.logging.config Logging configuration Currently it is fragment bundle for log4j platform bundle.
org.sevenhats.persistence Persistence support implementation  
org.sevenhats.persistence.config Persistence configuration Fragment bundle for persistence. We have to provide a convenient way to configure persistence for end-user.
Web Integration    
org.sevenhats.web Web integration bundle  
org.sevenhats.web.transaction Provides transaction request filter  
org.sevenhats.ui Extension points and generic classes for UI layer  
org.sevenhats.jsf JSF integration bundle  
org.sevenhats.jsf.util Provides base classes and utility services for creating custom JSF components  
org.sevenhats.jsf.validation Provides validation based on bean annotations

org.sevenhats.quipukit Quipukit integration bundle Equinox-specific manifest attributes are used for JSF integration! We'll have to investigate for available ways to avoid this and keep our code in accordance with OSGI specification.
org.sevenhats.ui.jsf Generic services for JSF aware bundles  
org.sevenhats.flex BlazeDS integration at server side for Flex clients  
Libraries Contact information user extension Contact JSF components and pages User management persistence and services User management JSF components and pages Spring Security integration
Provides security with Acegi Library: authentication using application database and LDAP.
Security JSF components and pages  
Groovy integration bundle
org.sevenhats.bizcommons Business-related objects and services  
org.sevenhats.calendar Model and services for Calendars and Scheduling library  
Test Application    
org.sevenhats.smokeapp Provides main UI template for the application
Sandbox application for development purposes.
JUnit Tests (not bundles)    
org.sevenhats.persistence.test Tests for CRUD operations with proxied entities  
org.sevenhats.web.test Web integration tests  
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